Jeffrey Tracey, AAMS®, CRPC, CFP®


As Principal of StoneCastle Consulting, Jeffrey is very involved with each client as they progress through the planning process. Jeff specializes in the construction of each unique plan, ensuring that relevant options have been explored and communicated to the client and that recommendations are implemented in a timely and accurate manner. StoneCastle utilizes Jeff's investment experience to help filter through the universe of financial products and to make sure each client is being offered strategies with the benefits, features, flexibility and cost structure that are suitable. Jeff's diligence and determination in staying current on best practices, ideas and products have helped keep StoneCastle's clients on track in their planning solutions.

Jeff began his career on the trading floor of Advest, Inc. in Hartford, CT. He was responsible for executing all UIT trades and keeping advisors up to date on current offerings and investment ideas. Jeff then moved within the company to the Asset Management Department. His responsibilities included the creation and implementation of investment portfolios for high net worth individuals, corporations, endowments, pensions, municipalities and not-for-profit organizations.

Jeff received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Villanova University. He also spent a semester at the National University of Ireland.

Jeff currently resides in Marlborough, CT with his wife Megan and their five children, Colin, Kelly, Rory, Mary and Patrick.


CRPC conferred by College for Financial Planning